How ad360 leverages AI
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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence designates an academic field of research covering mathematics and computer science focused on creating intelligent machines.

Its purpose is to design more efficient algorithms that can solve complex problems using new approaches that resemble how the human brain functions. Hence the emphasis is often placed on learning processes and the ability of the algorithm to adapt to new situations, rather than rely on preexisting knowledge encoded in it by its creators.

By extension, we call AI the algorithms and systems created our of the Artificial Intelligence research.

Why the future of your business will depend on AI?

AI is a game-changer for many industries because its new approach is radically superior to previous standards.

Similarly to how the games of Chess and Go got beaten by intelligence machines, many business processes and industries will be disrupted by AI.

AI can help solve previously uncracked problems, but also offer new solutions to previous problems that are quicker, more accurate and more efficient.

How Ad360 harnesses the power of AI to help you win!

Ad360 relies heavily on AI to make programmatic media purchases, with the intent of offering unparalleled value to its customers.

Here is how Ad360 uses AI:

  • identify the best media buying opportunities
  • understand whether a user is going to be a favorable audience for your advertisement
  • predict how they will react to your advertisements
  • adapt the bidding price based on our predictions
  • adapt more swiftly to changing conditions and
  • tap into the best opportunities.
The Ad360 platform constantly learns from its previous decisions to correct and improve itself.

Working with first-in-class Research Lab

Ad360 is powered by Skylads, a marketing Artificial Intelligence research lab and technology company.

Skylads regularly publishes academic AI research work in renowed scientific journals and international conferences, and pushes beyond the state-of-the-art in terms of marketing Artificial Intelligence.

Ad360 implements the latest AI algorithms of Skylads and leverages them to their fullest potential to buy at the right moment, at the right price and spend your budget where it needs to be spent to drive better results.

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