Grow your Shopify store easily.

Ad360 App for Shopify helps you grow faster and get more sales directly from your Shopify store.

Ad360 App for Shopify

E-Commerce Productivity & Growth Made Easy

The Ad360 App for Shopify helps Shopify merchants of all sizes be more productive, grow efficiently & easily with minimal technical knowledge and no middlemen.

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A great app you'll love to use

Ad360 Shopify App makes it even simpler to grow for all Shopify Stores, regardless of your size.

Whatever your size, benefit from powerful features

Enjoy advanced features in easy-to-use ways on all Ad360 products. Get the most of your online business even with no technical knowledge and no middlemen.
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Ad360 simplifies the management of your ads thanks to advanced automation and machine learning algorithms.

The Ad360 technology makes decisions to automatically manage the campaigns budgets, bids, targeting and other settings so that your advertising budgets goes towards the users most likely to buy your products.

All the heavy lifting is done for you, so that you can relax and focus on your core business while the magic happens.

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Easily start advertising your 'collections'

Ad360 App for Shopify leverages the Automated Collections feature of Shopify so that you can automatically advertise for all the products that sit in the Automated Collection that you've chosen for each campaign.

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Automatic Dynamic Creatives Generator

Ad360 can build automatically and instantly creatives elements for your ads, such as display banner and animated html5 assets. We want to make it super easy for everyone to advertise their products everywhere on the web and on mobile.

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Increased Online Sales

The Ad360 apps and services helps you increase online sales and grow your business. Thanks to Ad360, you can manage and optimize effortlessly advertising campaigns that will generate more visibility, traffic and sales. Focus on your business and watch sales grow!

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Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs

Ad360 automatically manages your campaigns and optimizes them to improve the results of your ads so that you pay less to be visible, attract customers and generate sales. Ad360 helps you better control the Google and Facebook platforms so that they deliver maximum value to you.

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Broadcast Your Ads Everywhere

Menadex is a curated selection of media outlets available to you through the Ad360 platform and apps. Menadex allows you to purchase media in websites all over the web, in applications. You just pay for the ads, and Menadex takes care of getting the best price and optimizes delivery to the right audience and in the right context.

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Artificial Intelligence Powered

Ad360 is the product of years of research in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The scientific team that contributed to building Ad360 has published AI articles that pushed academic knowledge beyond the state-of-the-art.

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Insightful Data Visualizations

Gain powerful insights from your ads. Ad360 provides detailed data analysis right in the same platform, so that you can oversee, control and analyze your advertising campaigns in the same place. Analyze precisely the source of your good results to better understand who your customers are.

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Developers Friendly

We love code and coders and Ad360 welcomes the developer community to develop their solutions on top of Ad360's products. Everything that you can do with Ad360 can be executed programmatically thanks to our API. Check our public code base on GitHub.

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Dedicated to Privacy

We are devoted to preserving the privacy of our customers and users. Ad360 includes privacy-by-design technologies, so that no personal or confidential information is tracked to run Ad360 Media ads. Ad360 run ads that are fully respectful of every user's privacy. Read our Privacy Policy.

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Amazing Support

Ad360 friendly team will assist you at all steps of the way, across the board. Chat with us at any time in the bottom-left corner of the screen in the app or on the website. Visit our Help Center for additional resources and in-detail articles and best practices to get more out of your online business.

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Built for You

Ad360 has been built with you in mind, by people like you. Growing an online business should be easy and fun. We're making it this way for you. We've built Ad360 with our users in mind so that it really fits to all your needs.

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Run Ads on multiple Ad platforms

Ad360 helps you manage and optimize your digital advertising campaigns on multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and others. You can manage them all from one place even if they're running on different platforms.

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Manage all your advertising channels in one place

Ad360 is an All-in-One platform that allows you to handle multiple Ad channels under one roof.

Generous Free Tier,
Pay as You Grow

We help our customers grow & be happy. We offer an insanely generous Free Tier because we know that's when you'll likely need help to develop your shop.
We'll be here to support you and make your business thrive.


$ 0
Per month
Excluding media costs*
  • All Demand Channels
  • Smart Targeting
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Number of products
  • Unlimited Spend
  • Initial Audit
  • 1 Campaign

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$ 19
Per month
Excluding media costs*
Best Value
  • All Free Tier Benefits
  • 5 Campaigns
  • Quarterly Standard Audit
  • Quarterly Strategic Recommendations
  • 1 Comprehensive Audit**
  • Priority Support**
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$ 99
Per month
Excluding media costs*
  • All Starter Tier Benefits
  • 10 campaigns
  • Run Ads anywhere on the web
  • Run Ads anywhere in Apps
  • Dynamic Creatives Generator
  • Quarterly Comprehensive Audit
  • Monthly Strategic Recommendations
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  • All Advanced Tier Benefits
  • Multi-Stores
  • Access to Enterprise Console
  • Access to API
  • Unlimited number of campaigns

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* Media costs are the price you pay to purchase advertising inventory. These costs are separate from the price of Ad360 plans. Media costs are decided by you based on your advertising goals and budget. These costs are payable to each adverting platform directly. Menadex media costs are invoiced separately from the Ad360 technology.

** For more details, visit our pricing table.