Freely Promote CBD for Pets products


Everyday we hear about companies getting blocked on Facebook & Google ads. Even for legal products by legit companies.

Meet Pawell 🐶🐱

Pawell’s website homepage

They make great CBD products for pets, sold by verified vets. 

Pawell products for pets


Until recently, they were facing a big problem and growing increasingly frustrated. Their ads kept getting rejected due to restrictions on CBD and their creative banners.

CBD ads are frequently blocked by Google and Facebook


Luckily, Ad360 offered them a solution to promote their products all over the web. And the results have been amazing! Pawell is now thrilled to advertise their products online, with optimised ad costs 🚀

Ad360 lets you freely run your ads


1. Promoting their own creatives online

The Pawell team is delighted to get back their freedom and creativity to advertise their products with fun and disruptive designs.

2. Being visible all over the web

They are now able to promote their CBD for pets products on the best, most relevant website online: media, animal blogs, vet websites… and reach their audience better than ever before.

3. Advertising cost is constantly optimized

Thanks to the Ad360 technology, the CPM and CPC is constantly being adjusted to make ads visible in better places, for less money!

Outcomes for Pawell
Improved CPC by 14x over the course of the campaign

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“Online Ticket Sales Have Doubled!”

Plane Photo


In the airline industry, each Origin & Destination pair, or route, is a specific Business Unit with its specific market, target audience, behavioral patterns and competitive landscape. It thus makes sense to manage them independently through different campaigns, and optimize them against each other to increase the overall performance.


Increase online plane tickets direct sales through the airline website.


  • Set up granular campaigns that reflect the complexity of the client operations with 17,000+ O&Ds in a cost-effective way.
  • Optimize all campaigns in real-time in a very competitive environment to drive more ticket sales.
  • Monitor all campaigns, detect anomalies and provide actionable insights & reports on their performance.


Ad360 implemented its automation, optimization & visualization products to solve the challenges of the client.


Online sales tickets were multiplied by 2.

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