How to turn abandoned carts into sales

Abandoned Cart

Here is a story that is all too frequent for shop owners:

Christine visited a section of your website two days ago to purchase a dress from your online store. She likes the dress very much, and she already imagines herself smiling when she unpacks the dress and wears it for the first time.

But while she was about to hit the “order” button, a notification from work came into her phone.

Christine leaves your website and takes the call, which requires her to open a new tab on her phone for quick work research. The rest of the day gets busy for Christine, and she forgets to complete her transaction on your online store.

Has this ever happened to you? That wouldn’t be surprising since about 96% of people leave a website without purchasing for different reasons.

What if you could remind Christine about the dress so that she comes back to the website and completes the transaction?

This is precisely what retargeting allows you to do!

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a form of high-performance marketing that drives sales in a unique and specific method. It allows you to show personalized ads to people who have visited a particular page or section on your website. While they go through other websites online, they see ads from your site to remind them of their unfinished transaction. Retargeting efficiently converts abandoned carts into sales because the ad goes directly to the persons who have already demonstrated an interest in your store and products.

Are you interested in learning more? This article explains everything you need to know about retargeting and why it’s indispensable for a successful e-commerce business.

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